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Reiki - The Three Degrees

Three levels of Reiki attunements and training are used worldwide.

Although the final Master Training is carried out according to the Teacher you choose in different ways there are three basic degrees.

Degree or Level One

This is the level in which a person is attuned by a Reiki Master for the very first time.

After this attunement, the effect of Reiki is most often felt on the physical body. Reiki energy passes through the body and supports the body and the energy body to clear away toxins and stagnation from the system. This can often results in a physical 'healing crisis' which is really just the body coming into balance.

You may experience symptoms such as running nose, fever, stomach disturbances, aches and pains, etc.

Once the energy settles, most people experience a sense of relaxation and wellness. Placing their palms over their body feels supportive and calming.

Others find that they have more physical energy than before and all traces of lethargy leave their system. Each person is different and some people also experience the surfacing of past emotions. But once the 21 day self reiki treatment has been completed people report that life flows a lot more smoothly.

Degree or Level Two

The second degree attunement empowers the recipient to work with three Reiki symbols that add more focus and power to their practice.

At this level, the energy works more on the mental and emotional layers of the aura. It also continues to work on the physical body as the body, mind and spirit are inter-related. But the focus is more on mental-emotional healing.

After a second degree attunement, some people can experience a deeper mental-emotional release in which some emotions form the past return to their awareness to be reflected on. This can be an uncomfortable phase to go through but it is an essential aspect of deepening their practice and have the ability to treat others.

In my own trainings I guide my students to complete a 30 day regressional and distance practice to connect fully to their difficult emotions and issues.

Also if wanting to become a grounded and confident practitioner then case studies to support their growth and become excellent practitioners that fully support their clients.

I also offer post attunement group and 1:1 support as I know from experience this can be a huge time of release and growth

Degree or Level Three

I break this Level down into two parts. Master Practitioner and Master Teacher.

The third degree attunement empowers the student to work with the most powerful symbols.

At this level, even the intention to send Reiki works and the practitioner’s thoughts and intentions gain added power.

The energy now begins to work directly on the level of the soul and supports larger spiritual healing and growth. Many Reiki students experience profound transformation after this attunement.

Layers of old toxic conditioning and patterns stored at the deeper levels can come up into awareness.

The Master Practitioner Level is sufficient for those who wish to work with the energies of the Master symbol but do not wish to teach.

Those who wish to teach Reiki go on to do Master Teacher training and they are given the title of Reiki Master-Teacher.

Taking on the responsibility of teaching others makes it necessary for the practitioner to do more work on himself or herself. These levels offer deeper healing opportunities to those who get attuned and stay committed to the path.

Every level of Reiki is unique and offers unique paths for the student.

It takes time for the system to absorb, integrate and work with the energy that is offered after each level.

Rushing through levels simply to get to Master Teacher may not be ideal because then we may not utilise the full potential that is offered with every attunement.

Intention for your path is everything and it's good to use and trust our intuition and to move up to each of the higher levels only when we feel ready for them.

For most people, trying to do all levels in a short span of time can be difficult and disruptive to their path and can make us feel ungrounded and uncomfortable. More importantly, we deny ourselves the opportunity to experience the depth of healing that is offered after every attunement.

If you would like some advice, guidance or to join a training then drop and email or message.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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