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Late Light Guidance Laura



In February of this year I was really low, my mental health was in decline due to past trauma in my life. I took an overdose and was not happy when I woke up.

I decided for my own safety and for my family, I would go to a psychiatric ward to get help. I wanted to get intensive help and so thought going into the NHS psychiatric ward that I would get this. For the first three days, I didn't see anybody really. I was in my room and left to my own devices, apart from having to queue for all the medication. I let it go, because I had to recover from the overdose. But after that, I started to question what am I actually doing here?  What is it actually doing for me? I was told they would do stabilisation work and use workbooks. It didn't happen. 

I was in on a voluntary basis, so I spoke to a psychiatrist and made the decision I would get help at home.I was in for one week 

I was supposed to have the crisis team from the community mental health coming every day. It happened once or twice a week maximum.  Then I was put on to a CPN who I was supposed to see weekly. Every six weeks they offered me 45 minutes and I thought, right I'm either going to go downhill mentally and be successful at what I'd attempted or I had to seek help.

I'd previously tried Counsellors and different therapies, different things for my past trauma, but it was never any good at all. 

I was speaking to a friend who previously had recommended Emma and IEMT. She had it and she said  it was nothing short of amazing and life changing. I was really sceptical and thought I'd never go but after this crisis point in February, I thought I really needed to try anything. 

I lined up a few different therapies and help. I decided I'd try anything until I found the right thing, but still been really dubious that I could get help and they I'd end up in the same situation.

So that was when I reached out to Emma and basically told her how bad I was. She called me and booked in an appointment really quite quickly. So I went for my appointment, I booked for two hour IEMT session. I thought like any other help that it would take time 

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