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Reiki Training


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means Universal Life Force Energy and is an amazingly effective hands on healing system.

Rei - Spiritual Wisdom

The word Rei means 'Universal' or more accurately interpreted as the Higher Spiritual Consciousness, The Divine Consciousness or the all knowing God Force. This is the Universal Energy of Love Consciousness that we are all connected to and a part of . A Divine spark of that intelligence.

Ki - The Life Force

Ki is also the essential life force of the Earth, the planets, the stars and the Heavens. These sources of energy affect the living body's Ki. Everything alive contains this energy and radiates it. It is the higher bio-magnetic energy of the aura. This energy is the life force itself and it has many names. Chi - Chinese. Prana - India. Orenda - Native Americans

Level One Training allows us to tune into the energy of this beautiful modality.

It will support you to work with the energy for yourself, plants, your pets, friends and family. A beautiful way to introduce yourself to working with healing energy and with others before the next step of becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

The training will take place over two days to guide you to create scared space and solitude, to ground in energetic practices that will support you through your journey to self healing.

My journey with Reiki started in 2001 and I have progressively worked with it over those years to know what is needed to guide you through the process and support your own journey


Places are limited to four people per course

Cost is £250

Next dates are 9th and 10th September

Or contact me to book a 1:1 placement or small group bookings


If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding this process then please drop me a message. 

What people say:

Reiki One with Emma was more than just a training course, she has helped me to release a lot of grief, anger and pain I’d been holding for a very long time. A wonderfully cathartic and clarifying experience after a long time of feeling lost with no real direction. The training itself is wonderful, considered and truly life changing and because it’s over two days, you really feel like you get the chance to put into practice the teachings and build confidence.  I am so grateful to have had this experience and I would highly recommend this training to anybody. Looking forward to attaining my reiki two with Emma soon! 


Emma created a truly beautiful, safe, nourishing space. I felt really welcomed and held, and Emma's knowledge, spirit and energy shone through. I would recommend the training to anyone interested in Reiki and energy work. Emma really knows her stuff and created a truly memorable and unique weekend. It was an absolute joy!

I had the most beautiful experience, and Emma is a wonderful guide. Creating a safe place to allow open and vulnerable souls to learn. The bond that was created between us will be one I think that’ll last a lifetime. Thank you, looking forward to Reiki Two

I was looking to improve my skill set and create better spiritual hygiene practices. I enjoyed the 1:1 experience, I felt very seen and held by Emma. The day flowed at its own pace which was lovely and  conducive to my learning. It was a gorgeous experience, and I can't wait to integrate this and then return for Level Two

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

Integral Eye Movement Therapy

Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a developing area of rapid change work that explores the area of undesired emotions and our ways of being. The process explores the question, “How did we learn to feel the way that we do?” and opens up the possibility of creating the appropriate change in our emotional lives.

It is a content free change process therapy that can reduce difficult emotions, painful memories, anxiety, post traumatic stress (PTSD) related issues and limited identity. IEMT can help those who suddenly become emotional for unknown reasons.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy was developed by Andrew T. Austin and is used in many countries around the world. Eye movements and careful questioning are employed rapidly to process and discharge uncomfortable reactions to memories and change unhelpful beliefs and emotional imprints (how we have learned to feel or be a certain way).

Moving the eyes along different axes whilst focussing on the memory or emotion accesses the different parts of the brain where those memories and emotions are stored. This, when carried out in a calm, relaxed state in a safe space, prevents the previous overwhelm in the brain, freeing it to process the memories and change the emotional attachment to them. This allows you to step out of the loop and into a new way of being, free of the distress and unhelpful reactions.

How does IEMT work?
Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) works on memory imprints that are causing the negative emotion. It does not work on the emotion alone, but on the basis of removing negative emotions from memories by scrambling the feelings, pictures and sounds that are attached to the troubling emotions in memory or imagination, with the use of simple guided eye movements to create change. The memories remain of course, however after the eye movement the memory changes and therefore the emotions attached to that memory also changes.


What can IEMT help with?
Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is an effective therapy for anxiety, depression, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, trauma and phobias. It can create rapid change, allowing you to feel free and to move forward from the past.

Clear mental fog
No painful discussions required
Negative memories are dealt with
Fewer sessions required than many other talking therapies
Creates feeling of well-being
Promotes mental clarity

Drop me an email to find out more.


Reconnection Personalised Programme

A guide to connect to your inner World to allow your innate wisdom to rise up and emerge from within you.  


A deep transformation.

We know exactly who we are and how to support ourselves, but the busy-ness of life and layers of stuff we build along our way, tends to get in the way. We can feel blocked and disconnected from the world around us. This can become a yearning to restore and rebalance.

I offer you this tailored programme to support you to focus on your goals. We find ways to shift your negative patterns, behaviours and the subconscious mind, focusing on what is keeping you stuck.


We start to look at the bigger picture and root out where we can implement lasting internal change. 

This programme uses physical, emotional, spiritual practices to help you to process through the body, mind and Soul. I offer you practical tools for you to use in your daily life. 

Practices such as:
Yoga and Movement 
Deep Meditation
Reiki and Energy Work
Personalised Meditations
Guided Meditations

In each session we explore practices to support you to release, let go and get curious about different ways to connect to yourself. The aim is for you to release old layers that have been built up over time, allow the body, mind and Soul to restore , nourish and build practices that develop resilience, balance and create more ease and peace in your daily life.

The sessions can be carried out in person or online. 

This programme is a commitment to yourself and will help you:
Reduce stress symptoms and cycles
Promote better rest
Improve self-confidence
Develop inner peace
Connect to a deeper understanding of self
Create sacred space and solitude
Create your own empowered practice


What’s included?

Eight 1:1 Sessions over an eight week period (x2 hours)
Reiki Experiences and Healing (Included in the sessions)
Post Session Personal Work and Self Enquiry
Generic Recorded Meditations and Yoga Nidra
One Personalised Meditation focused on your goals.

Ready to jump in? Drop me an email

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