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Sunday 5th November

2pm until 4pm

This two hour workshop will be a guide to connect to your inner world, so your innate wisdom is allowed to rise up and emerge from within you.

My belief is we know exactly who we are and how to support ourselves, but the busy-ness of life and layers of stuff we build along our way, tends to get in the way.

We can feel blocked.
We can feel like we have fallen out of step with life.
We can feel disconnected from the world around us.
This can start to become a yearning to take time out to begin to restore and rebalance.


Our current lifestyles can make it difficult to prioritise ourselves and it's often hard to put our own life and health first. But signs like burnout, constant cycles of short-term illness, feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope, constant tiredness and persistent low mood are signs that things are calling you to change.


We can get stuck in these symptoms and cycles because the mainstream model doesn't provide an alternative or give us the tools to help ourselves. My mission is to support you to help yourself.


In this workshop we will explore processes to:
Reduce stress symptoms and cycles
Promote better rest
Improve self-confidence
Develop inner peace
Connect to a deeper understanding of self
Create sacred space and solitude
Create your own empowered practice


Restorative Movement Practices
Deep Meditation
Mantra and Affirmation
Guided Relaxation
Yoga Nidra


We will work together to help you to calm your nervous system, and live more fully in your body, mind and Soul.

Cost is £40

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