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Open and Release - Online Series

Join me in this online series to open the body, release old energy and toxins, settle the nervous system and build the immune system.

This series of classes will help release the old built up energy and toxins and build energy and immunity ready for the upcoming Spring and Summer energy.

A perfect time to let go and reset.

Clear out out the heavy energy that builds up over the Winter, clear the the mind and thought patterns that have done their job.

Using Kundalini Yoga, powerful breath, meditation and mantra we begin to let go of the old and call in new, more vibrant and conscious energy.

This series works to remove stagnant energy and build your immune system creating a healthier body, mind and Soul.

Join me to renew

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Reiki Level One Training


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means Universal Life Force Energy and is an amazingly effective hands on healing system.

Rei - Spiritual Wisdom

The word Rei means 'Universal' or more accurately interpreted as the Higher Spiritual Consciousness, The Divine Consciousness or the all knowing God Force. This is the Universal Energy of Love Consciousness that we are all connected to and a part of . A Divine spark of that intelligence

Ki - The Life Force

Ki is also the essential life force of the Earth, the planets, the stars and the Heavens. These sources of energy affect the living body's Ki. Everything alive contains this energy and radiates it. It is the higher bio-magnetic energy of the aura. This energy is the life force itself and it has many names. Chi - Chinese. Prana - India. Orenda - Native Americans

Level One Training allows us to tune into the energy of this beautiful modality.

It will support you to work with the energy for yourself, plants, your pets, friends and family. A beautiful way to introduce yourself to working with healing energy and with others before the next step of becoming a Reiki Practitioner.

The training will take place over two days to guide you to create scared space and solitude, to ground in energetic practices that will support you through your journey to self healing.

My journey with Reiki started in 2001 and I have progressively worked with it over those years to know what is needed to guide you through the process and support your own journey

Places are limited to four people per course

Cost is £250

Next dates are 24th and 25th June

Or contact me to book a 1:1 placement or small group bookings

If you have any questions or would like any further information regarding this process then please drop me a message. 

What people say:

Reiki One with Emma was more than just a training course, she has helped me to release a lot of grief, anger and pain I’d been holding for a very long time. A wonderfully cathartic and clarifying experience after a long time of feeling lost with no real direction. The training itself is wonderful, considered and truly life changing and because it’s over two days, you really feel like you get the chance to put into practice the teachings and build confidence.  I am so grateful to have had this experience and I would highly recommend this training to anybody. Looking forward to attaining my reiki two with Emma soon! 

Emma created a truly beautiful, safe, nourishing space. I felt really welcomed and held, and Emma's knowledge, spirit and energy shone through. I would recommend the training to anyone interested in Reiki and energy work. Emma really knows her stuff and created a truly memorable and unique weekend. It was an absolute joy!

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