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Morning Stillness

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

I used to be the girl that rolled out of bed at the last minute screaming at her alarm to keep quiet, before stuffing a piece of toast in her mouth and grabbing a swig of tea while running out of the door.

Not anymore. Now I wake up with intention and purpose for the day. I had to begin a practice that was more helpful to my daily life as my old routine was really not working for me.

I was constantly stressed and late for work. I was aggressive in the car on the way and it often took me until 11 a.m. to get my brain in gear to actually carry out my work at full throttle.

I love my bed and hate getting out of it. Those days when it is still dark outside and you are not ready to face the world yet, the duvet just envelops you and you can hide in peace and quiet.

That is exactly what I was doing: hiding. I was putting it all off and not dealing with the stuff I had to get on with.

It all changed and it began with baby steps.

At first I just got up earlier, wrote a few lines in a notebook and did a couple of yoga poses. As I became more aware that it was doing me some good it developed further.

So over the years and with my training in yoga and meditation, this has changed completely!

I get up earlier and earlier.

Here are some of my routines, see if any might help you


I have a scruffy little notebook next to my bed and I write my morning thoughts down in there. Sometimes they are quite short and other days I don’t know where all of the thoughts come from, they just pour onto the page.