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Updated: Jun 11

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Wellness is defined as;

The condition of good physical and mental health, especially when actively maintained by proper diet, exercise and avoidance of risky behaviour.

The state of being well or in good health.

The quality or state of being in good health.

Easy yes?

Absolutely not!

In my work in healthcare, I know how one small thing can affect another and so on until we have no idea where to start unravelling the issue.

We ALL have the capacity for this, despite our reluctance to admit it and to stay 'in control'.

Me too!

So how do we achieve it to start with?

It's certainly not about spa days or treating ourselves to new face cream.

These all help but it is not a holistic picture.

Wellness focuses on nurturing our mind, body and spirit.

It includes emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational and social aspects of wellbeing.

It's balance.

Our way.

Balance is not easy in this fast paced environment.

We all have demands and pressures on our time and energy.

What do we say no to?

What is THE most important thing to us right now?

Who do we put first and why?

In my own experience, I always put others first, it's in my nature.

Nobody asked me to, I just always felt it was my responsibility to fix things.

When I decided to make a change, the initial stages were hard.

People were affected by my shift in behaviour.

Some loved it, some didn't.

Things that once mattered, now fell away.

New routines and boundaries were the hardest thing.

We all have excellent intentions but once we get tired or something falls in our path our old patterns emerge again.

Such is life!

I needed the change.

I was burnt out and not for the first time.

Autoimmune disorder number two and STRESSED OUT constantly.

I started by reviewing the things I used to love doing.

Photography. Writing. Walking.

It's amazing how in the midst of all the busyness you lose your own sense of joy and wonder.

I returned to a yoga practice in the morning. Short and sweet but it started the day with a conversation with my body and mind.

I started to journal. Purge of thoughts in morning pages and evening gratitude.

Things began to get better.

The world seemed less gloomy.

Instead of drinking wine every night to get relaxed, I walked instead.

I even occasionally laid on my bed (guilt free) and read a book!

Previously unheard of.

These small things were a sign of real change for me and I celebrated each one.

I benefitted so much from yoga and meditation I took the qualifications myself.

Deep Relaxation Meditation really helped soothe my mind and make space for a good sleep.

Kundalini Yoga not only helped keep me stay active, it gave my spiritual wellbeing a tune up too.

All these tools were excellent at creating balance and on the whole building a new me.

Of course I still get stressed out, but I have the tools now to help me react differently.

To step away and see the bigger picture.

If we don't fill our own cup we CANNOT fill anyone else's.

This was my biggest lesson.

My advice;

Review what is triggering your change.

Look at what you want to achieve.

Set some small goals to begin with.

DON'T beat yourself up if you don't achieve every one straight away.

Keep a journal, it will show you your progress and allow you to see your patterns.

Celebrate each success.

Know you are worth it, deep, deep down.

And remember FILL YOUR OWN CUP. Or you can't fill anyone else's.

Everyone benefits from your change.

With divine love and light


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To support you in your own goals.

To book a class or session for corporate events or charitable groups.

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