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I help and support you, using ancient techniques and practices to build balance, inner strength and to reconnect you to your authentic self. I help determined people who have suffered from being stuck in stress cycles, chronic health issues, a lack of joy and vitality in relationships and life, shift into freedom, ease, peace and joy for themselves. We do this work together. We focus on shifting your patterns, behaviours and subconscious mind around your life issues and begin learning some different ways to see the bigger picture. You are no longer dependent on “changing things”, or external outcomes for your happiness. The results people get are a much deeper and richer experience than ever before. The techniques I use allow people to slow down and shift perspective. I work with people who have already "tried everything else." This work we do together is not for those who casually want to try “some self help.” This is for those of you who already know they have a disconnect with themselves and their vision of their life. They have not felt the energy, vitality, joy and satisfaction that they know is possible for everyone, and that's affecting meaningful areas of their life. They know healing their body and their spirit will free up enormous time and mental energy to focus on what’s truly important - creating a life of health, love and purpose . If you have had some niggly health issues, periods of low level depression, feeling out of control or generally disconnected then it's time These issues can have you feeling mixed up and reaching out for all sorts of guidance, but the answer lies within you. You are NOT broken. If you would like to chat to me about working together 1:1 in this way then drop me an email emma@jotpremyogatherapy.com or book an Introductory Call Online

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