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Opening - A Kundalini Yoga Workshop

Create space in your body, mind and Soul

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Opening - A Kundalini Yoga Workshop “Happiness is a place between too little and too much.” Finnish Proverb Life is extremely FULL and it come become overwhelming. It’s true that clutter of all kinds is stressful - It comes from a full inbox, a filthy desk but also the food we eat, what air we breathe, what thoughts we choose to think and BELIEVE. Even when we aren’t aware of the impact, we are being weighed down mentally, emotionally and Spiritually In this workshop we will focus on creating space in our bodys, minds and Souls using breath, posture and DEEP relaxation. Kundalini Yoga An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness. A classic Kundalini Class involves pranayama practice followed by a Kriya (sequence of postures or actions to gain a specific result) followed by relaxation and meditation to close. The Kriya's are suitable for all abilities of any ages and adaptations can be made. The classes are not suitable for pregnancy. Music and mantra is a huge part of Kudalini Yoga. Get ready to raise your vibration and sing up! It is best to come to class on an empty stomach. Please hydrate several hours before coming to class or drink more the night before for a morning class. You can bring water for inside the hot room, but little sips are best. You will need: Mat Blanket Cushion or block Open mind and heart The Benefits Kundalini yoga can support the relief of stress and anxiety and improve cognitive function. In small 2017 studies, participants experienced immediate stress relief after doing Kundalini yoga. Another group had fewer symptoms of depression at the end of the study.Other benefits reported by regular practitioners are: *more empathy *increased creativity *increased energy *internal peace Regular practitioners of Kundalini Yoga regularly report more happiness, increased radiance, a shift in patterns and negative habits, more focus, clarity, increased feelings of abundance, discovering purpose, creating better relationships, connection, feeling heart and Soul continues. We have incredible potential, Kundalini Yoga supports us to peel back the layers of who we THINK we are and to grow and live out FULLEST potential. Kundalini Yoga will leave you feeling better, energised, lighter and inspired To's MAGIC!

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