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Kundalini Yoga and Me

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Yoga has been in my life for many years.

And whenever I stepped away, it always seemed to call me back.

The physical dance of yoga is something I have always loved.

But the last few years brought me a deeper and much richer experience.

As with most 'awakenings' it wasn't a bolt from the blue, but more a feeling of being lost.

I reached the point of going no further forward in my current life.

It became too hard to continue living in the skin I was in.

I returned to a breath and meditation practice every morning and then incorporated some yoga.

I hadn't moved my body for a long time as I had been ill.

I had lost my what my body could do and it was HARD work!!

Slowly. Daily. With patience for myself I continued to practice.

Meditations became deeper and I started to feel a call.

To go inward. Quieten the chatter. Read and learn.

Totally addicted to Podcasts and Vlogs by this time whilst I cooked and pottered at home.

I was loving it. Expansion of my mind and Soul.

Then came the 'Ahhhh, this is what I have been looking for!' moment.

A short video showing Sat Kriya

Three minutes of practice to energise my body and mind.

That was it. The practice I now love.

Mudra. Mantra. Breath. Devotion.

It brought all of my years of practice together and the change was rapid.

I wanted to start my days in conversation with myself.

I committed.

The 40 days practice. The different Kriyas and meditations all began to move my body in ways I never believed possible.

But it also shifted my perspective on life. Subtly at first and then I began to feel my strength returning.

A steady voice. Less fear. More forward motion.

The call became so strong that I booked Teacher Training


That changed my life completely.

It was TOUGH!

And continues to be so.

Each day holds a lesson for me and I continue to grow.

It's not always easy. With growth comes some pain and release.

But I felt I had a responsibility to live my life as I felt it should be lived.

It had its twists and turns in recent months, but even when life is shaking me.

Something in me brings me back to my mat.

To have that conversation again and again and again.

To deeply listen to my inner world and what it has to tell me.

Without distraction. Without opinion. Without judgement.

And I will continue to do so.

Sat Nam

Emma ( Dasprem Joti Kaur)

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