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I started practicing yoga on and off YEARS ago!! Mostly in local village halls packed to the rafters and no clue as to the lineage of the yoga at all.

But Kundalini Yoga changed my life forever...

It called to me gently over a few years. I heard about it, read about it, couldn't find anyone who taught it locally and so started to learn what I could on my own.

Suddenly there were so many A-HA moments in my life. Things started to subtly fit together, my life started to shift and change. I got bolder, braver, stronger.

I didn’t know exactly what or how it was happening, it all seemed like magic and the only thing I had changed was my yoga practice, and I committed to it fully.

Of course the shifts weren't all magic and sparkles. In fact life got tough and on occasion quite dark. When I began I had no idea where this journey would take me and I still don't.

I was a planner. An organiser. Not used to allowing things to unfold or for grace to play a part.

But I can tell you for certain, I had no idea it would lead me here. A big move (brave girl pants)from rural Lincolnshire to Glasgow, alone, without my part time job. Scary stuff!

What I did know from my very first teacher training in Kundalini Yoga was that it had the potential to change lives. I sat quietly listening and noticed above my Teachers spot hung a poster that read "The life that you ordered is not currently in stock." that was SO true.

People dismiss Kundalini Yoga as being bizarre and borderline cult-like because of the dogma and guru-worship so present in the teaching community. The lineage has had a lot of hard knocks over the last couple of years, but it's evolving and shifting. It's beginning to find it's own identity and becoming more powerful than ever.

This is what I love about it. The lineage is strong, it's roots are grounded and yet we learn and grow everyday. The wonderful Ravi Singh who has been an inspiration through this process stated "Traditional Yogis used their bodies as laboratories." They saw this as a path to enlightenment and awakening. They embodied their practice, not just on the mat but in their whole lives. THIS is what Kundalini Yoga has done for me.

If you want change then Kundalini Yoga is for you. It won't all be easy. Your ego will be tested but if you are ready to trust the process. Begin....

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sat Nam. Love and Divine Light.

Emma (Dasprem Joti Kaur)

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