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Kundalini Yoga - The Abundance Series

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There are SO many ways to experience abundance. Sunshine on your face, being held by a friend, a warm cuppa and a feeling of being loved. It's also wonderful to have food in the fridge and enough money to do lovely things too. At this current time, the way we see and experience wealth, prosperity and abundance is changing rapidly. It's being recreated. How we work with this new energy is SO important. We have been conditioned to see ourselves as lacking, unworthy and helpless to create our own fortunes. In this four session online Kundalini Yoga practice we will explore abundance energy. Working with the Heart, our radiance and electromagnetic field we will begin to recognise that abundance is within us, that we are capable of co-creating with Universal energy. Beginning to change our frequency to attract the things we desire into our lives. According to Kundalini Yoga teachings, the energy of abundance and prosperity comes from the Heart and in order to manifest we have to become more aware and present with the feelings in our bodys, connected to the Earth. To be comfortable being uncomfortable. To process old stories and patterns so our emotions become pure expressions of our Soul.

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